Restaurants fail inspections.
Find more violations sooner.


React in real-time to prevent outbreaks.
Set performance metrics & retrain inspectors.
Keep pace with demand despite limited capacity.


FIVAR is a web application that uses real-time open data to make food inspection smarter.

Most cities have fewer than a dozen inspectors charged with inspecting thousands of restaurants each year. This list is prioritized once annually to make sure that each location is inspected according to the law.

But when it comes to food safety, speed matters. Sending inspectors to restaurants that are more likely to have a violation can protect diners from illnesses like E. coli and Salmonella.

FIVAR is a smart solution that uses available open data to prioritize work order task lists, so inspectors go to the highest-risk locations first.

With FIVAR you can:

  • Keep pace with demand, without growing your budget
  • Create prioritized lists for food inspectors
  • Identify inspectors who need additional training
  • Send out preventive maintenance faster

Are you ready to take advantage of the FIVAR?
We have a few questions to help you get started. 


We work with city and county administrators
to use data to keep patrons safe.

Montgomery County, Maryland

By prioritizing inspections using FIVAR, Montgomery County will be able to identify 27% more violations 3 days sooner, on average. FIVAR will recapture an estimated $2 million in its first year of implementation. 

Montgomery County consists of a combination of urban, suburban, and rural areas spread over 500 square miles. As the county grows, FIVAR will keep food inspection costs down while improving efficiency and effectiveness.


What will I get with FIVAR?

With your FIVAR subscription, you’ll get access to our web-based application that generates prioritized lists and dashboards of inspector performance. In addition, you’ll receive ongoing support and data science consultation as needed to help you continuously improve efficiency.

How do I get FIVAR in my city?

Take our assessment to learn if your city currently has the data needed for FIVAR. Our team will work with you to develop an estimate of how much you can save with FIVAR.

How much does FIVAR cost?

An annual subscription to FIVAR is affordable. Initial setup costs will vary depending on the availability and cleanliness of the data. Contact us for an estimate.